Long Haul pausing issue

I was doing a long haul flight last night from Minneapolis to Tokyo and I started it at around 10pm my time, then I came back at around 6:45am my time and it had the pause screen up and I only had like 4hours of flight time

Then I checked the replay and it said I had 9 and a half hours of flight time (the top one)
And then when I woke up I was over southern Alaska, I am very confused to how it paused because I didn’t pause it, and how in 9.5 hours I only traveled from Minneapolis to Southern Alaska, and how the replay time is different than my flight time, if this is the case it paused randomly after 5.5 hours of flying, please help.

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You might’ve received a phone call or FaceTime call. If you didn’t answer it, Infinite Flight will pause because of the disconnection of the server. Or the same thing goes for a pop up notification. For example, your device telling you there is an update available.

Hmmmm weird most of my family would not send a message at 3 in the morning.

Low batter warning possibly? Or if you were on low power mode, a notification saying that the low power mode has turned off?

I was in low power mode.

Were you plugged into an outlet?

Yes I was plugged into an outlet.

So on my device, an iPhone XR. Once I get up to 80% battery, my low power mode turns off and it lets me know with a notification that pops up in the middle of the screen. This would cause a disruption to the live server because technically Infinite Flight thinks you’re not in the app because of this notification.

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Actually I woke up with a 10% battery notification and the simulator paused.

Well that would be the problem there. Those notifications that pop up in the middle of the screen WILL pause your game.

Okay, but how does that explain how it only ran the flight for 4 hours, while paused in live the flight should just continue, I have seen it happen, I am still in control of the plane when it is paused it just cuts of the sound.

When you pause the game, your flight time stops going up because you’re paused. But you’re still flying in live, yes it’s weird.

But how did I only make it to southern Alaska from Minneapolis in 9.5 hours, I should have well into the pacific by then.

Just jumping on this thread to say I’m experiencing the same issue on overnight long haul flights, where I will wake up to the sim paused and I’m not sure why (no accounts on my iPad so no push notifications, so possible battery warning but there’s no evidence unless it disappears over time).

Regardless, when I wake up the game is paused, and when I unpause the flight has not continued to progress, the ETE is way shorter than it should be and the plane has not travelled the expected distance either, just like Juan said and implying that the game is in fact pausing completely.

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Exactly what I think is happening!

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Try to put the device on " Do not disturb" Mode

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