Long-Haul Passenger&Cargo Routes

What are good passenger and cargo long-haul routes?

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This thread below can help you decide. You can also do random routes on fpltoif.com
Suggested Routes | 2019

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you can check flightradar 24 to find some realistic routes.

Check this too: The Best Places To Find A Flight

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EGLL to WSSS is a classic. (SQ 77W or A388)

A classic long haul is OMDB to KLAX one of the longest flights in the world up to 16 hours


Wikipedia usually has tabs for cargo and passenger services from whichever airport you’re looking up. Typical information includes what airlines and what cities said airlines fly to from the airport you’re searching. Hope this helps!

Last night I did EHAM to KMCO it was about 9 hours.

Around 16:50
Emirates 77W or A388

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