long haul overnight flight from UUEE (Moskow Sheremetyevo) to WIII (Jakarta)

I flew a overnight flight from Moskow to Jakarta because Jakarta is featured in the Friday Flight event. Originally I flew from Amsterdam (EHAM) to Jakarta, but because my autopilot disengaged by his own and I stalled because I was already partly asleep near Moskow, I started this flight

Flight time: 10.5 hours
Aircraft: Boeing 777
Livery: Garuda Indonesia

Taking off runway 24C

Flying over the Himalaya

Small islands, in the background the island Jawa where Jakarta ist located on

short final, aligned and ready to land

touchdown on runway 07L

Hope you all enjoyed and I see you in the skies
Have a great one!


I like these pictures! Thank You for the detail and effort put into this post!

I am actually flying right now from Heathrow to Jakarta myself, about 4h left :)

Have a nice day!

~ Ignas P.

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Thank you for your positive review
I was lucky to be still awake when the plane crashed… Otherwise I would have woken up with a bad surprise today
Anyways I wish you a great landing and day

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