Long Haul or Touch and Goes?

So I have done some reading around the community and it is clear that no one can agree. Is it best to do short flights, long haul flights or just touch and goes? I am in AMT General so time is limited and it is easiest to setup long haul flights during school. Are there different XP earnings between the training and casual server?

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This is a good idea

When you come home, you may do short flights… touch and goes included.

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XP is not affected by server, more by flight length.

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For me, I like to do both. When I do long huals I sleep overnight and short huals I do during the day when I have time.

Landings give the most XP, so if you want to build XP in a short amount of time go to the casual secret and do touch and goes!

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what i do is i go in the cirrus and i go to denver (KDEN) and do quick hops from runway to runway not even going about 1000 feet. on casual.

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This simplest answer is both. Both are important for developing your piloting skills. Only long hauls and you won’t develop enough experience across a verity of aircraft to be proficient at landings. Only touch-and-go and you won’t develop your skills in other important phases of flight. RL pilots learn both, so a sim should be no different.


I generally dont do touch and goes unless it is a small GA airport that is opened by IFATC, or I dont have the time for a commercial flight.

I fly through every day. From the moment before i leave school, to landing when i get home (9 hour flight), then a short 2 hour flight, before starting a 4 hour to have my dinner and socialise. I then finish my day with a final 9 hour or less flight to land in the morning. So basically:

7am-3/4pm: School flight
3/4pm-5/6pm: short flight
5/6pm-9pm: Dinner flight
10pm-7am: Overnight flight.

Weekends I non stop fly.


Depends on how much time you have. Long haul would suit you best if you’re occupied for a large portion of the day.

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Wow your schedule is admirable!!

I have to divert my app from mobile to the tablet.

Because, I will can use both and while I´m working or sleeping, I can fly.




Thanks! Well I fly the least Tuesday, since I have to go somewhere after school, so there’s no point starting a flight since I’ll most likely have to end it. I should be starting a short haul in about (my time: 4/5pm-7pm) half an hour.

I’m a fully devoted pilot in IF, and want to do my best to contribute to everything! That’s why I have about 1900 flying hours, it’s my IF 1 year live anniversary in 6 days! I should’ve bugged my parents for money more 6 years ago ☹

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