Long Haul Modes - NO MORE CRASH!

There is many people flying long haul in Infinite Flight, some of their devices crash just a hour before landing.

I hope Infinite Flight can add a function called “Long Haul Mode”, after enable this function, the FPS of the game will become very very low and also set the aircraft count to the lowest. To enable this function, user can click on the button on the upper left corner. The user can disable this function at anytime.

This function can prevent the device overheat and can lower the chance of game crash

You can do that right now 😐

I think infinite flight can put the button on the upper left corner during flight.

There is this incredible thing built into the app called Low Power Mode. Take a look in general settings, enable it and it should activate on it’s own after (I believe) 10 minutes of inactivity. It drops your game FPS down to 10FPS, and you can also lower your graphics settings down to reduce the strain on your device. The crashes currently are unrelated;


There’s no need to create a feature request for this mate. I understand your frustration, I really do. But I can assure you that the devs are working to the best of their abilities to fix this issue as soon as they can. Have a look at the topic that’s been shared above. Updates will be shared there. Thanks for your understanding!