Long Haul - Lufthansa 747-8 - Frankfurt-São Paulo

Here’s a 747 flight. I tried something new with editing so feedback appreciated.


Time: 11 hours, 42 minutes
Server: Expert
Aircraft: Lufthansa 747-8
Route Frankfurt (FRA) - São Paulo (GRU)

At the gate, loading random objects onto our plane

Holding short of the runway

Taking off into the blue!

Flying near some island

After hours of ocean, we reach Brazil’s coast, and CLOUDS


On final!

Landed with a semi-hard touchdown

At the gate!


Beautiful as always. Nice one @Rolls


Thank you! I ran out of likes


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Stunning photos!!! The scenery and editing is amazing. Great job.

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Thanks! Means a lot


These are some incredible shots! Keep up the amazing work!

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Thanks! And I will 😉

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I thought I saw u u were probably behind me in the other terminal glad u made it in XD


nice pics and good editing

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Whoo! These are just as great as your space pictures!

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@haitianpilot44 lol

@CPT_Bambi Thanks!

@lucaviness Thank you!

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Such cool pictures of the Queen of the Skies. And even a Lufthansa -8! Great scenery as well, thanks for sharing!

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These are amazing! I haven’t been here for long but these are honestly some of the best that I’ve seen so far.

Great pictures @Rolls!

@JulianB, @MattyTH and @JulietTango thank you!


I watched your landing and I must say it was one of the softest I have seen.

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Oh wow, thanks and welcome to the community!

I love this route choice. As far as I remember it is still operated with the Boeing 747. Great pictures!

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Yep, Lufthansa brings the 747 to SBGR. Thank you!

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WOW! Awesome pictures!!! My favorite has to be the second or forth one. Keep editing these photos, I can’t wait to see more!