Long haul KLAX-EGLL

Hey guys i was just wondering that i have currently taken off from KLAX and omw to EGLL. This is my 2nd Long haul but i want to know whenever i do long hauls my ipad gets overheated, so i wanted any solution for it? Cause i get worried and its battery also drains like hell, i have even tried keeping by brighness fully to low :/


Hello there @BingChillin4308, have you tried turning your graphics down? We are sorry to hear that you have problems with overheating

Yeah… i even tried that

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Is the device in a well vented space, with low graphics and background app stoped. It might help to remove a case if you have one. Hope that helps, have a good day.

I posted my tips few days ago I think, anyway, I’ll just copy paste them here (iPhone user):

  • adjust time of the day to midnight when in cruise
  • lower the screen brightness to minimum
  • enable low power mode (both in game and in your phone settings)
  • for long hauls, turn on the airplane mode and only keep the WiFi connected
  • use the cockpit view and zoom in on the captain’s seat, therefore the screen is pitch black and the device doesn’t need to render details
  • while in cruise, I turn the airplane count to none
  • graphics set to low as well

While using these tips, my phone never ever overheats. Hope it helps!

Oh man thank you very much for helping. :)))