Long Haul Ideas

If anyone has an idea for an overnight route I can do, 10+ hours, preferably starting or ending at KJFK, Can you leave a comment? Also it would be appreciated if it is on an Airbus 330 or 350, but Idrc. Whatever’s most realistic.

I will not just use this for tonight, I’m hoping many people give recommendations, and many people can look at this thread in the future. I’ve done a ton of routes already, and I’m looking for something creative, or extreme. Thanks!

Ps pls keep below 16 hours

I am aware there are similar topics

I would suggest looking here! There is plenty of great suggestions on here already and a very lively community of people tracking this thread looking to offer routes they enjoy! (Myself one of them!). I suggest this to you as mods typically close threads that are duplicates and given this one already exists it is likely this thread will be closed.

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Easily KJFK to EHFK or what ever Helsinki’s code is. You could also do Delta to Rome!

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Thank you! Out of likes lol would’ve just done that to your comments

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Somewhere from Asia to London Heathrow, west coast to Europe, plenty of choice

continue discussion below. Thanks all.