Long Haul Ideas for Tonight

Hey Everyone! I was wondering what airports in Europe will be open tomorrow!

Thank you and stay safe,

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Are you looking for open airports in Training Server or Expert Server?

Probably the ones you would expect, London, Paris, Frankfurt, etc…

I’m guessing places like EDDF, EGLL, EHAM, and LFPG are almost certain to be open at some point. Beyond that, I’m not sure

Expert Server

And if anyone wants to join me you can!

Your best bet is to refer to the IFATC Schedule. I will link it below.

The world is just one click away

you could do something like MKJP to EBBR or you could do IAH to SCEL :).

How about something to EGLL?

I did KLAX-EGLL once! Long route but it was cool!

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Should I fly from YPPH to EGLL

  • Yes
  • No

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Wait a minute…

Can the Boeing 787-9 fly up to 16:45 flight time?

yes, I have done that route many times before

How much fuel do I put?

I just went max. most of the time I have around 7% to 15%

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