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Hey everyone!

I was wondering if there’re any good long hauls with a General Aviation aircraft to KMSN. (B737 BBJ, A318 etc.) The flight time I’m looking for is in between 10-12 hours. I looked on FPLtoIF and used the random flight generator and there wasn’t any 10-12 hour long hauls with those aircraft.


Maybe Tokyo or Beijing

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That could work! Any other ideas?

Rome or Zürich if you want Europe

Santiago or Buenos Aires if you want South America

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I used the Boeing 737BBJ from Tokyo (RJAA) - Seattle (KSEA). Great Tailwinds!


Something to think about GA aircraft otherwise know as general aviation means typically non commercial small aircraft. These aircraft don’t do long hauls. For a long haul you need an aircraft with long range. These are your typical large aircraft. This may have been why fptoif was not delivering results. Hope this helps.

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Wasn’t that removed? I don’t see it any more

It’s under the B737-700 now

Oh, ok, makes sense

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Can anyone find me a flight plan from LGKR to KMSN?

Hi! You can use https://fpltoif.com/ to find a flight plan for your route :)

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I did! And it didn’t give me a good flight plan

Hmm can I see the fpl? Did you enter everything correctly?

Yes I did! Here’s a screenshot!

Can you PM me the flight info and I’ll try to make it

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Can someone please get me a flight plan from LGKR to KMSN?

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I guess you already have a flight, but for a tip next time, you can draw a circle with set radius on gcmap.com and look for places near the circle.

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Flightplandatabase.com is also a good source for fpls. It has wide range of flight plans for one route.(for most not all)

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