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Hey, I was wondering why my plane bobs up and down the whole flight. It’s not just a general easy bob up and down, it literally stalls out every time with the nose up and then in pitches down to a nose dive, then pitches back up to a stall and back down to a nose dive. It does this the whole flight. I’m trying to to the Perth to London flight. I looked up the flight time, it’s a bit over 18 hours. I’m flying the A330-300ER. So I put about 19.5 hours of fuel in it and the MLW is orange. It doesn’t go green until I go down to about 6-8 hours of fuel. But the flight is over 18 hours. How do I put 19.5 hours of fuel in this plane and still have everything stay within the green? Because this is a real flight that happens every day in the real world and they clearly make it work. Also I set my autopilot to fly at 36000 feet and 320kts but all the plane does is fly at a little over 100kts and it’s never steady on the altitude because of the gerastic bobbing it does. My neighbor is a pilot for Delta and he flies the Seattle to Amsterdam route. I brought this problem to him and he said it might be the software on the simulator because he checked all my calculations and everything checked out. He had no idea why the plane was doing that. He said it should be flying slightly tilted up, not bobbing up and down from stall to nose dive. How do you make this like the real world flight? I need like step by step instructions 😂😂

I’m new to flying this sim, I could use all the help I can get!!


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  • First off an A330 can’t make a flight from Perth to London. There isn’t enough fuel capacity for it to do so, a B787-9 can though.

  • If you are using autopilot, get right up to your cruising altitude and then just before it, manually change the VS (Vertical Speed) too 100fpm right before you reach your cruising altitude.

  • When you pass FL280 or 28,000ft your autopilot automatically switches from IAS (Indicated Airspeed) to Mach which is an entirely different way of measuring speed. So if you set your speed to 320knots it will slow down the higher you get, so to counter that you increase your mach speed once above that altitude.

Hope this helped :)

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Use https://www.simbrief.com/system/dispatch.php?newflight=1 and Infinite Flight FPL Converter
This will stop your bad habit of cruising way too fast. (The reason you’re bobbing up and down)

Also MLW is normal, in fact if you takeoff below MLW, your flight is too short

Adding to all of the info above, any aircraft that is heavy will require a step climb process. FL360 for an A333 at or around MTOW is too high. Attempt the step climb procedure, initially climb to around 280-320, then once you have burned off some fuel (weight) climb to 340 and repeat the process up to 360. This should allow you to maintain 5degree pitch and achieve cruise speed of around m0.8 - m0.85.

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The a330 wont have enough fuel to make it to perth. You need to use the boeing 787-9. I have also done the perth to london flight and i never had any problems, and my fuel was set to max. If it is too heavy for your asigned altitude then cruise at a lower altitude. I flew at 38,000ft when i did this flight. And also if it is too heavy for your altitude then try and set your VS to a lower level

Just adding a little to what @Mags885 said.
Check out this tutorial by Deercrusher:

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See above