Long haul gone wrong

Hello there, my name is Argenis. Today I was flying from KJFK to OMDB on a A350-900. As usual I prepared the flight “as I do in real life as a copilot” I set the plane to 40,000ft with the necessary weight in passengers, cargo and fuel. I took off from KJFK with no problems. Since it was supposed to be a long flight of 10+ hours I let it proceed to flight. After 2-3 hours later I noticed that the plane crashed so I took a look a the replay and saw that it couldn’t maintain the altitude which it was weird since I calculated it as a real flight plan and as I do every time I flight on the sim and as I always prepare everything to go well and this is the first time I get violations with over 200+ hours of flying time. If positions you can take a look at it those violations took me from 3 grade to 2 grade. I just wondering if that can be fixed on my account by any chance? Hopefully you do. I will appreciate it since I tend to flight with a group of friends on expert level.

Call sign was “Emirates 1093”


40000 feet is too high for an A350 right after takeoff. Have you tried step climbing? Likely your engines couldn’t keep up with the thrust required to keep you at 40000ft and this caused you to stall & crash.

Here’s the step climbing tutorial:


Clearly you were too heavy

As this seems not to be a app issue, but rather that you haven’t been at the device this is most probably not going to be reversed, sorry! You’ll be back to Grade 3 very soon though (I believe in 7 days).

Nonetheless we can help to identify the issue behind the crash if you’d like.


We can take a look but I guess it’s ok I will try it one more time which is weird I done it several times and never happened I had good speed too

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Thanks I will try that next time but I had the plane reaching 40,000ft in a time of 25 minutes should’ve been fine may something happened during the flight I was not planning to be with a device on my hand for 10+ hours lol

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Not really I had the plane with just 386 passengers with 29,000lbs in cargo and 12 hours of fuel not to be heavy but I guess the app is not accurate with real life flight plans

In real life, pilots will step climb up to 40000 feet. They don’t initially cruise at 40000. You were too heavy and the aircraft didn’t have enough thrust to maintain that altitude. I highly recommend the guide that was linked above in @Bryce_D’s post.


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