Long Haul Game Crash

Device: iPad 8th Generation
Operating system: 15.3.1
Storage Remaining: ~ 50.7 GB
IF Version: 22.01.01
IF Graphic/Live Setting: Airplane Count - High, Rendering Quality - High, 3D Object Density - Medium, Rendering Resolution - High, Texture Quality - Medium, Anti-Aliasing - On, Frame Rate Limit - 30fps

Hey everyone, I have recently been doing long haul flights, but they always crash during my approach/arrival stage.

I was just flying into Seattle and was about to turn final when my game closed unexpectedly. This has happened twice before as well; however, they were happened before the Hotfix. I was flying VABB-KSFO and it crashed (this was before the Hotfix), and I had another crash when flying OMDB-KSEA (before the Hotfix).

I know Apple has sent a new Software update out to everyone, but I don’t think that is the issue. I do not believe this is a graphics issue as these graphics have worked for me way before 22.1.

If no answer could be found about it then as long as this is noted that will do. And if there is a topic similar to this, please direct me towards it. Thanks!

I had this happen yesterday on final at OTHH Imbound from London


Hey there. I’ve done plenty of long haul flying and have has a lot of failures and success recently. I would first lower your airport could to “Low.” When you establish yourself on final, the app will try to load everything in including buildings, Taxiways, and planes on the ground. This is why is seems the app freezes of “jumps” for a second. If your device is already at its maximum take, that extra load could kill your flight. Another thing I would do is delete infinite flight and re-download it. If you were to go into your settings-device storage sometimes Infinite Flight could be well over 15GBs heavy. Delete replays and sometimes the app to reset its storage to ~2GBs. Don’t worry, your subscription will remain safe.

Another cool trick is to avoid touching your device as much as possible. The more you touch it, the more it tries to stay active (loads more.) The less your device needs to load on the ground the farther it can go. This is why I try to avoid ATC for an arrival airport. With ATC you are constantly touching!!!

A good idea is look at the aircraft you’re flying too. The older your device is, the less powerful the aircraft you should be flying is. I personally can’t fly a 777 into LAX. No chance. Whenever I do longhairs it’s with older aircraft without major changes to it. Example the A350 or 787. With the updated exterior and engine sounds it can definitely be too much for a device to handle on +7 hours trips.

Lastly, Updates do bring new stuff the app in terms of technology. You could’ve been perfect one update and the next you can’t even spawn in without an app crash. Mess with the settings, and see if you can find your sweet spot.

NOTE: I see Anti-Aliasing is turned on. This can greatly slow your app and “kill it.” I personally have this turned off as I can run it much more smoothly and it is less for my app to load on final. The less the more likely you’re landing (:


Thanks for the response!

This information is very useful, and I will be sure to try it. I have yet to delete and redownload IF, but I do plan on updating my device. With regards of ATC my other 2 crashes had no active ATC and no traffic around so I don’t know exactly what is causing it (it could just be simply graphics as you mentioned). Moving onto graphics and such, I will move my graphics settings to Medium and will drop the airplane count as well.

This is a issue for me but it’s for short haul flights. I even have a Topic for it. I also have the same device

Seems like most stuff are high here. Try to put Airplane Count on Medium and see what that does. Was the airport busy at the time?

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