Long Haul Game Crash

Experienced a game crash on descent after 9 hour or so flight
iPad Air 2, up to date, Same thing as what used to happen before the fix a few updates ago, on descent and then suddenly crashes.

Hmmm…what are your graphics setting set to. The iPad Air 2 is 6 years old now so will struggle to run Infinite Flight.

If it happened 1 time, there is probably not much to do. IF can crash on all devices some times. The age of the device shouldn’t matter too, the Ipad Air 2 has good specs. The only thing you can do is clearing scenery cache to make sure there aren’t bugs in the scenery.

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It honestly doesnt matter the device cause they will crash no matter whether is one time or everytime u cant really help it. I got an XR last year christmas and it crashed IF maybe atleast twice also clear ur replays it takes up a WHOLE lot of storage its up to u


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