Long haul fuel issues

Hi everyone, I keep having the same issue in my long haul flights this time it was from MMMX to EDDF on a B747-8 I clearly remember putting 13 hours and 43 minutes worth of fuel into my aircraft before pushback and when I reach my cruising altitude it says I somehow only have 8 hours remaining?? So I went out and did some stuff I came back to the flight to find out I’m above the Atlantic Ocean at 36,000 feet with less then 3 hours of fuel left when again I put almost 14 hours in. Is there an explanation?? Maybe I need to put more than 14 hours?? Keep in mind I’m using simbrief for my charts.


This is a known issue with the 747. The aircraft is an older model that hasn’t been reworked as of yet therefore the aircraft has inaccurate performance and physics which results in the aircraft having an inaccurate fuel burn. This causes the aircraft to run out of fuel a lot earlier than it should do.

Feel free to check out this topic below for more information:

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Alright thanks Declan so do you recommend putting even more fuel then needed simply because of the fact that it burns more early to balance it?

That’s correct. With regards to the 747, it would always be better to overestimate the fuel required to avoid a similar situation from occurring again where you don’t have enough fuel to reach your destination.

Alright thank you very much for your help!

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I made this fuel calculator for exact situations like this. Simbrief burns are fine for most aircraft but the 747s are old in this game so they burn ridiculous fuel.

It’s most efficient at FL280 so if you want to cruise higher you’ll have to put in even more.

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Alright! Thanks

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@Ben_G To save fuel on takeoff try to not put your throttle at 100% bc that can decrease your fuel and also try cruising at a higher altitude like FL290

You mean lower? OP was at FL360

Yes I meant lower

Or you can try to fly all the way with Flaps 10! Really you will have no fuel Problems. Little Cheat.

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Or even better, flaps 30.

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