Long haul from FNF?

Hey guys,
Do you guys have any real life routes from this week’s FNF? (Preferably URKK). The route has to be at least 10-11 hour and max 12 hours. Thanks

I don’t think there is any Real Life Long Haul routes to this weeks FNF… I could be wrong but as far as I’m concerned the longest International routes are about 2-4hours at maximum or something along the lines.

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No, from UKRR. Or is there none?

UKRR? What airport is that? The HUBs this week is UKSS and URKK…

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I don’t think URKK can accommodate planes that can perform long haul.

I was having a look at this last night - and couldn’t find any LH routes from either hub

I meant UKRR. Had the letters switched around

Try using FPLtoIF

Just go to random then click departing then type the airport you want to depart from then select long-haul from the flight duration bar

Hope this helped,


As for URKK, the longest flight they have is to Irkutsk (UIII) with Ural Airlines flying a A320.

This weeks FNF don’t have any real world Long hauls flights am I afraid.

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Oh ok. I’m my opinion, they shouldn’t really have airports like URKK as a FNF airport because don’t have a variety of routes to and from the airport. Not sure why this was the chosen airport

Well, Infinite Flight is not only meant for long hauls, you know? There are people who like to do short-medium hauls, like me. You can’t have everything up to your preference, mate.

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Mostly because it is an undeserved airport that needed se attention. Sochi was heavily used for flight during World Cup last year when tournament was held in Russia. Additionally you can make out a lot of great short hauls routes from many places in Europe to URKK or URSS. Many flights including A320/A321 and also the B738 can be flown to this weeks FNF with various airlines such as S7, Aeroflot, Fly Dubai and Turkish Airlines to name a few :)

On top of it, many of the suggested routes offer great scenery and a relaxing flight to some of Russia’s most beautiful and travel worthy destinations, Sochi and Krasnodar ⭐️


Yeah I know. But there isn’t much routes that are both short and long hauls from or to the airport

I mean URKK doesn’t seem to have that many flights but you can do a 3 and a half hour long flight from dubai.

Or if you are up to it fly in the 748BBJ or 737BBJ and do a long haul from wherever you choose!

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And that brings up another problem. The airport isn’t big enough for planes like the 777, 787, ect

Then don’t always fly big planes. The FNF designs I do aren’t catered just towards long hauls every single week.

This week there are many cool shooter haul routes, opportunities for military flying, charter operations, and also some amazing GA flying 🙂