Long Haul Freezing

I was flying a delta 777 to Madrid from Miami and when I had about 3 hours left my screen froze and I couldn’t move anything. I closed out all of the background apps and it still had the freeze. I closed the app (not all the way, just pressed the home button) and when I entered the app again and it exited out of it by itself. I’m not sure what to do about it so I figured I would ask.

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This problem is almost like mine (what is your smartphone?)

This sometimes happens due to bad connection, along with your device being put under stress from how much capacity infinite takes to run. Normally, a restart of your device, and a reinstalling the app should do the trick. (Also can be caused by low memory? Correct me if I’m wrong)

iPhone 8 Plus

Ahhh thanks buddy

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Before every long haul, make sure to clear scenery cache and fully restart your device, and make sure IF is closed before you restart the device:) That’s what i did with my old Iphone 6 and i’d only run into problems after about a 15 hour flight:) depending on the plane

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