Long Haul Flying on iPhone 11

I was thinking about doing a long haul flight to meet requirements, but before I do that, I wanted to make sure that it’s safe. Safe as in my phone not overheating while I’m sleeping. Has anybody’s phone overheated from a long haul flight?

Nighttime, tail cam pointed to the sky, phone on lowest brightness, IF’s low power mode on (settings > general > towards the bottom), and plugged in. My device doesn’t heat up at all.


Long Haul’s are completely safe for your device. As recommended above by @Altaria55 - those things will certainly reduce the overheating! Go for it dude! Enjoy your flight!

Let us know all about it in Screenshots and Videos tomorrow :)


I will be sleeping during cruising so I won’t be getting any live screenshots, but I will definitely get some screenshots afterwards :)

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