Long haul flights

What is the best aircraft for long haul flights/longest range? Is it the 777-300ER? Are there any similar sized aircraft from airbus with similar range? Also, is there a way to calculate how much fuel you need for a particular route? Having a hard time doing so and my last 2 flights ended up crashing :(

Boeing 777LR is one of them

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I believe its the A350.

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Longest range is the undisputed king, B77L followed by A350
Fly empty with full tank can go more than 30hrs +non stop!

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77L for normal flying, A350 (and DC10 but that’s impractical) for single engine operations. If you can stay with the aircraft the whole time the MD11 is a good choice too because of a fuel bug it has where it burns way too little fuel at lower weights. 77L 33 hours, MD11 like 30, same with 77F, 767 around 28, and other 777s around 25-27. A350 25, and most other long haulers between 20-24 if memory serves.

Shameless self plug, here’s a calculator I put together to help you calculate fuel (you can also use Simbrief as it tends to overestimate and thus you’ll pretty much always be safe)


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