Long haul flights

I have a question I have only ever done like a 40 min flight max but I see people doing 12 hour flights, how are and why are you doing that? Do you not use your phone for like a day, and why would you do that, it make no since to me. Please explain.


Most people do it over night.

Me personally I don’t do them often but when I do it’s when I don’t have anything to do the following morning.


Howdy! Some people like myself have multiple devices. I have an iphone and 2 ipads and i use the newer one for IF and the older one for Youtube and Games. Oh and yes i still use my phone, go to school and work.

just have to start the flight at the right time 👍


Many reasons:

  • People have multiple devices
  • These flights can easily be done overnight when people aren’t actively on their devices

(Both stated above)

  • Gives users a lot of XP (depending on the duration)
  • Gives users more flight hours (depending on the duration
  • Gives people the chance to fly realistically with aircraft that are meant for these types of flights
  • Long hauls are just fun to do all together

I’m a pilot so I do flights like that for real (not really I’m a regional pilot) so it just surprises me that people find time to fly outside of work or school.

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most people here aren’t pilots and want to live the fantasy 😂


I’ll go and do longer flights while I do some school work. Makes me stay off my phone and do something else.


It’s fun honestly. I takeoff, reach cruise, put my phone on do not disturb while charging and go to sleep. I usually do this if I don’t have to get up the next day and limit this to flights that are 10 hours or more. And like @RedWolf said, I like to live the fantasy.

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I got IF on my pc, so I usually just tab out and work while cruising or until my attention is called by ATC.

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My only long haul flight was 8 hours long. I started at 13pmCET and it ended at 9pm CET. I let my IPad charge during the flight. During the 8 hours I was swimming with my friends. I suggest you do them through the night

I use my ipad for infinite flight and mostly infinite flight but I don’t use my ipad on other applications that often and I can use my phone to pass time if the flight is still going on when i woke up from sleeping

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This is relatively interesting topic.

I see your point tho I believe most of the long haul players are having multiple devices and doing it overnight, just like with AP on instead of monitoring for the whole duration 😂😂

I did it for a few times when I’m in a long holiday and really bored before I go to bed, exactly right timing for me to take up the descent and landing when I wake up next morning

Am sure I’m not the only one right IFC!😳

You can leave another device during the night or some long commitment you have, you calculate the time and put it to charge lower all the brightness and put the autopilot and with the INFINITINFO APP you can monitor your flight

Most people do long haul flights because they simply want to or if they want to gain lots of XP

Some people have 2 devices ( I don’t ) and use the other one while your device flies and it’s best to do them overnight so you can climb to cruise and sleep and once you wake up you’ll be nearing your destination!

If you ever consider them, any flight from the US East Coast to Europe ( mainly JFK → LHR ) is a good beginners choice then move on when you feel more comfortable

Also some U.S transCon flights which are around the same flight time
4.5 → 6 hrs

I’d do those before going to long hauls that’s what I did

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I usually do the long haul flights on nights when I don’t work so I can wake up and finish it

what pc you have and how you get the app?

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i don’t do it because i am young so i go on solo and usually only do like 20min flights when i press 5x

You know what I think that’s great, although less pilots means more money for me😉