Long haul flights

Hey everybody, just curious is it possible to fly from LHR to PER non stop in IF? Or a LHR to SYD I plan on doing a few overnight flights this coming weekend. Just trying to figure out what is possible and what is not.


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Yes I’m sure it’s possible with some airliners, and a fair warning: Flights like those are much longer than an overnighter lol. You probably can use the 787s for this route, possibly the 777s, or even the a330 neo.


Considering it’s a flight irl, then definitely

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Yeah no definitely well aware, I would rather them end half way through the day than early in the morning. Thank you so much

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Yeah, just wanted to clarify as when I was planning my route simbrief was telling me it’s too far for this aircraft etc etc

You’ll be pretty heavy, but it’s definitely possible. LHR-SYD is also possible, but probably best to do with the 787 or a350

I am a morning person, however, frequently I stay up to 1 am local time and depart then so that I won’t have to wake up too early for them. If I planned on going to bed normal time tho lol, I’d do 10+ hour flight, usually does the trick.

Hey bud, I highly recommend you try looking at this thread and asking there!

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Cheers man

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No worries, enjoy your flight!

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