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I was wondering, how do you prepare for a long haul flight when you sleep in regards to violating. I did it on training mode so I couldn’t get reported in case I was in a controllers airspace. But then I woke up to a level 1 for over 250 under 10000. And was booted to continue offline or cancel. I was going from London Heathrow to JFK. What are some of your practices so you don’t get violations? Thanks. Happy Flying :)

PS: I don’t like flying on casual because it’s like the wild west over there

Return to device before you descend.



When I prepare and fly a long haul flight overnight, there area few things I do. The most important one is to never activate VNAV until you’re awake and back at your device ready to commence your descent.

Judging by the fact that you received a level 1 violation for going over 250kts under 10,000ft, I’m assuming that you had VNAV activated before you went to sleep, therefore the aircraft began it’s descent before you were back awake and active at your device.

Additionally in regards to ATC, if you’re at cruise and enter a center controllers airspace, your aircraft will appear as “away” on the controllers end, therefore any separation busts etc. will be seen as unintentional and you will not get reported.

Last but not least, I always use simbrief.com for my flight planning regardless of flight length and highly recommend it if you don’t already use it.

Take care and look forward to seeing you in the skies!


Do you have to pay for simbrief?

Simbrief is free to use, however it uses a slightly dated navigation database by default.

Users can purchase a Navigraph subscription after registering which will give you access to the latest real-world navigation data updated every 28 days.

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The stuff I do is check the winds and see what they’ll do to my route. Once I figure out a route, I create it in ForeFlight. I will also determine how long the route is so I know when I need to be back on my device. I usually put the fuel required for the route plus 30% to 50% of that same fuel just in case the journey takes longer. After I take off and get to cruise, I’ll watch the plane for a bit to make sure it doesn’t have any issues. Once my aircraft is around 200nmi away or 30 minutes. I get back on and begin my descent.

@Lee375 what device are you planning to use for long haul flight’s?

My iPhone 14Pro

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