Long Haul Flights

How am I supposed to do long haul flights on my phone (Singapore-London lets say). Do I leave my phone on overnight? Won’t that be bad for my phone battery? Or do I need to get infinite flight sim on my PC.

Maybe do a long haul in the morning time like 5-6 Am ?

I would recommend you to buy an iPad/tablet for long haul flights.

And there is no IF on pc, only on mobile.


You have to leave your device on for the duration of the flight. Make sure you have battery saving mode enabled and you shouldn’t have any issues.

I’ve done tons of long hauls over the past few years and it hasn’t noticeably impacted the battery life of my iPad, so you should be fine. If you are on a low end device it might strain it more.

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Im just scared my phone will overheat and it could cause damage to it if I leave it on overnight

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well I used my Phone for a long time before I upgraded to the iPad. I left it flying over night and I had no issues with my battery. as far as I know, should not be a problem.
what I also did was I turned the Graphics down to a minimum, as I was sleeping during most of the flight, they didn’t need to be on High. also activate the Long Flight battery mode, which will also help your battery, and last but not least, turn down the Screen Brightness, as I said, if youbare sleeping, you don’t need to see anything.

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OK I’ll try. Hopefully my iphone 7 is up for the job

I used to have this worry but I simply do long hauls on my old iPad Air 2 and avoid doing it on my phone most of the time.

The thread I’ve linked below provides a great explanation on battery when it comes to Infinite Flight;

Will I get in trouble for not communicating with ATC while AFK?

That isn’t really a big issue as the status of your activity is relayed to surrounding pilots and ATC, they shouldn’t ghost you if you’ve been ‘away’, basically AFK.

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Get like a metal tray to put you phone on so that it can cool.down on it and put you’re phone on low battery and it wont do harm make sure that you put it on a cool place😊

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Ok ill try that thanks

Just make sure you are not afk in critical phases of the flight like Climb and Descend… amd make sure you do not activate VNAV unless you are at the device at all times during your approach

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