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I have run out of long haul overnight flight (since I’m not creative enough to think of one). Do you have any recommendations for 10-11 hour flights? Thank you for your answers.


Hey there! Fpltoif.com has a random flight generator feature that can generate a flight if 10-11 hours if you filter it to. This opens up the door for new adventures!


Thank you so much! This will be very helpful.

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Hey @NuggetFornia! I would fly LFPG to KLAX in a AF 772

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Hey @NuggetFornia,

The one long haul route that is my personal favorite is VIDP-KORD in Air India 77L. You must try it.

New Zealand to LAX or SFO should be about that length with a good tailwind.

I can attest to this! I recently did the now discontinued American Airlines AA292/293 from KORD-VIDP-KORD in their B772. Can’t wait to try it out with Air India as soon as the livery is added in the upcoming B77W Update 😉

As for new flights, “overnight” really depends on where you are located. I’m from Chicago, so an overnight flight for me, for example, would be Qantas 63 from YSSY-FAOR, leaving at 01:35Z and arriving 14:35Z (or 19:35-09:35 CDT)

If you are in Europe, lucky you, because most flights from North America will leave around 21:00-01:00 and arrive early-late morning around 06:00-10:00 local times

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Same here buddy !! KORD will be filled with AI 77W when it come out !

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check out this https://www.flightsfrom.com

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Gonna add to this:
the best way to find routes is to first decide airline and aircraft, go to that airline’s hub, filter airline and aircraft, and look for routes.

You have to try Seattle to Rome. You see the Cascades, the Rocky Mountains, mountains in Scotland, and the Alps! It’s very scenic and it’s about 10 and a half hours.

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