Long haul flights

Hi, on two occasions I have flown from Australia to EGLL and 10 minutes before arriving the game quits. Is there a time limit to a flight?? Both times were approx 18 hours.



There shouldn’t be

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Depending on the age of the device you are using, and the amount of storage, when you start to descend more planes begin to load in and slow the game down. I suggest going in to settings and pressing clear cache every couple of hours,

There is no flight time restriction that I am aware of. And become to the IFC!


The app crashing on long flights is a known issue and is being looked into. I guess all we can do is sit back and relax. Fix is coming soon :)

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Hello! If you’re on iOS, please see top in linked post:



Welcome to the IFC!

To start, there is definitely no flight time limit. My longest nonstop flight time is around 21.75 hours and my direct flight time is around 50 hours. 19.4 brought in some bugs that are known to cause these issues; I would try the tips and tricks others posted above! I would also advise a hard restart of the device and clearing your scenery cache right before you start such a flight.

Appreciate it heaps! Thanks :)

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