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Anyone spent all day flying and your only few hrs away from landing then you disconnect and the game restarts. Because I was flying yesterday from Singapore to London Heathrow, I was about 7 hrs in and I had about 6 hrs left. I turned my iPad off as I knew I wasn’t going to get up on time and when I got on my iPad this morning, the game restarted, I got no Xp or anything. Does anyone know another way you can turn off your device without the game crashing when you open it back up?

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No, that’s not a possibility. If you pause the app for too long, the flight will be disconnected.


As said above, you cannot pause the game - by turning your iPad off you basically quit.

If you want to do long-haul flights I would recommend choosing routes of about 10 hours or more, get the plane into the air before bed, leave it charging with screen brightness on minimum and low-battery mode selected in the game, and then go to bed and get your 8 hours. Should be ready to descend and land in the morning.

I believe Infinite Flight’s system isn’t built for you to pause your flight too long…

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I normally do 6-8 hr flights as you can do it in the day, I decided to do this 13hr flight as I needed xp. The only problem is, is that my WiFi gets turned off around 11pm so when it goes back on, i usually disconnects.

Unfortunately, if that happens in your house, you won’t be able to do long haul flights as you need a continuous wifi connection. If your on a mobile, you could use data but that may use a lot of your data.

@Harry14 your IOS task killer killed the game. When you close & leave an app running in the background it’s using system RAM. When the OS feels like it does not need the app to use anymore system RAM it kills it.

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Sometimes it won’t disconnect

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