Long-Haul Flights

Do you think if I let my plane fly overnight without a charger, would my device die? (iPad Air 2) Has anyone ever tried this? Also I have enabled low power mode to conserve battery.


How long will the flight be? And will you be able to charge it in the morning, or leave it unplugged the entire flight?

I’ll use Houston-Heathrow as an example. I will be able to charge in the morning. But it will be unplugged for a good portion of the flight

Yes it will die

It’s better if you leave it plugged in anyway cuz most likely it will die

It will most likely die, as that flight is 9 hours long and the iPad Air 2 is supposed to give you about 10 hours of battery just surfing the web, and even with all of the settings turned down all of the way, IF still uses a lot of power. And my guess is that yours isn’t brand new (as the battery wears down over time), but if it is, and is fully charged, it will only last MAX 7-9 hours before it dies. All said, it will most likely die and I would not risk it if you can and just leave it plugged in.

Long haul flights consume a huge amount of battery from your device, it is highly recommended that you plug in your charger, unless:

  1. You are confident with the device’s battery life.
  2. You have your screen dimmed to the lowest with all settings at its minimum
  3. You are willing to accept the risk the fact that your flight might be terminated

If you are ok with all of these requirements, then I guess you can give it a try. But once again, flying without a charger is not recommended.


As @iOS_Aviator stated above, if you want to be a dare devil, go for it. However, I very strongly recommend charging your device while flying overnight (this is coming from someone who does overnight long hauls almost every night).


If you don’t charge this might help you make it. Lower your brightness and volume, reduce quality. if your device needs it I’d suggest doing long hauls while you sleep so you can wake up and land. That’s what I do when I do with my longer ones.

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Your IPad should have enough “juice” to make it, but whenever I fly IF it’s always plugged in for the duration of the flight

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