Long haul flights

What is the best way to do long haul flights? When, how, battery etc…


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Have a read of this


Thank you!

Couple more tips

  • Restart your device before your Long haul
  • Close all background apps
  • Power save mode on in I.F
  • Brightness to low

For me I personally put my brightness on low, make my quality low so my iPad doesn’t overheat or anything wierd. I also leave it charging, but some people are against that but nothing has happened yet.
Also make sure you time your flight so that you are able to land.

I do most long hauls when I’m asleep so I can wake up and land. That answers when. Now before I do a long haul and I suggest this to you to lower your screen brightness, lower volume, and close out any apps and restart your device. Kind of what the others said above. For battery, have your device charged the whole duration of the flight. The lowering of the brightness also assist in conserving power. You can also turn the graphics to low to conserve more power as well.

And don’t forget to have automatic low power mode enabled in the settings.

Yet again, another duplicate topic. What is it these days :(

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Deep breaths jack!

It’s okay!

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