Long Haul Flights

I just have a quick question about doing a long flight. I am currently planning on doing a red-eye flight tonight from Oakland-Newark. I am planning on sleeping through it. Just to confirm will the plane still fly even if the device is not turned on?

No. You must have the device turned on. Although if you are in solo, you are capable of pausing the game and continuing after your sleep. :)

Your device has to be turned on so that you will reach your destination good luck on your flight!

Yes. It will. Make sure to have your screen locked so it does not go into sleep mode and I recommend putting the screen brightness down low. To clarify, the Device has to be on for it to continue to fly.

No, the device has to be running for the flight to be continued

But will it run as long as the device is not powered off?

Yes that is correct.

Sweet, thanks for the answers guys! A mod can close this now.

Here, to clarify, try sleeping with the device on minimum brightness, low power mode, and charging, and put the flight on nav, and if it is over the average you sleep, you should be ready to descend when you wake up

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You have to have the app open and device unlocked as well.