Long Haul Flights Impact

Do flying long-haul flights damage devices? Would my device be able to handle it?

My Device: Samsung Galaxy S20+
Age: 8 months
Storage Used (GB): 55 / 120
Memory Used (GB): 4.5 / 12

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Hey there!

If you do the following during your long haul flight your device should be just fine!

  • Turn your graphics all to low. This will make sure the device is not rendering items in full quality when you are not even looking at them
  • Limit your FPS to 30 to ensure the device has breathing room between frames and is not constantly pumping 60 FPS again when you are not even looking at them.
  • Point your camera to a place that is ideally dark and that does not have a lot of objects. A good place is point it and zoom in directly into the seat of the pilot. That way it doesn’t have to render in a lot of items and the SOC can breathe.
  • Turn your screen brightness all the way down so that your device does not overheat which could cause it to lag which can make it crash.
  • Lastly close everything in the background and let IF be the only app running. This is to ensure that no other app is using RAM and that it can be all dedicated to IF.

Hope this helps you!


Awesome, thanks for the tips!

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