Long haul flights destroys battery health?

Hi! I heard that if you want to do a long haul flight you need to plug your phone, well I am kind of curious, when I do a long haul flight and keep my phone in the plug overnight does this destroy my battery health?

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If you leave the device running for that long and do not disconnect it from the power supply, this can of course have an effect on the life of the battery. However, I have to say that despite many such long haul flights I don’t notice any noticeable difference on my iPad.


Yes, it’s a good idea and quite safe to keep your phone under charge during a long haul.

But, let’s be realistic here: there are 5 times more phones than people on this planet. The life of a phone is mostly determined by (1) when is the next model available, (2) when does my contract allow me to get a new phone, (3) oh no, I dropped my phone.

Most phones are charged overnight, and most long hauls happen overnight, or a bit longer.

I honestly believe the effect on your battery life is very limited and there’s a good chance the end of your phone is not determined by battery life.


The outcome of this question could vary by your device.
In my experience with my Pixel 2, I’ve experienced a major battery toll when flying long hauls.

So, about 5 months ago, all I did was long-hauls at the time. One long haul every night. If I couldn’t do a long haul overnight, I usually did a 3-4 hour flight somewhere. After doing this for quite a while, a noticed a huge toll in battery life. I used to have about 6 hours of total screen on time with my Pixel 2, but after doing all of those long hauls, it dropped to a drastic 1 hour of screen on time. I’m not entirely sure if this just could’ve just been a defect with my device, or if Infinite Flight was really effecting my battery. After a while, my phone would randomly shut off at 90% everytime I tried to turn it on, and randomly shutdown when turning on certain apps. So, a week later, I traded in my old battery ruined Pixel 2, in for a refurbished one (thankfully I still had a warranty). Again, this could’ve just been completely unrelated to Infinite Flight, and could’ve just been a battery defect. I’d like to emphasise that none of the battery issues started to occur for me before I started doing daily long-hauls.

(Also, I followed all possible ways to decrease overheating and battery stuff, by turning on the in-game battery saver, low brightness, etc.)

All in all, yes, let your mind flyyyy with long hauls, but I recommend monitoring the flight, and not keeping your charger plugged in all night (if you’re doing an overnight long-haul), so the charger doesn’t cripple the battery.


Did you trade it in because it was old, or because the battery was bad? I have a Google Pixel phone, and I just got my battery replaced for €55. Took 35 minutes.

I traded mine in because of the battery. At the time, I still had 3 months left on the two year contract (1 month now).

I’ve noticed significant battery capacity deterioration from overnight flights with IF. The capacity on my Sony Xperia was down to 94% after playing for a few months according to Accubattery. It has stayed at 94% after the period I was playing IF almost a year ago. It’s best not to keep a device continuously draining the battery and charging to keep it at 100% - according to studies, batteries last their longest by draining to 20% and unplugging at 80%.

That’s not broken. That’s what happens when you charge and discharge a battery many times - the materials inside the battery deteriorate.


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