Long Haul Flights Aren't That Bad

Yeah so this morning at 12:20am, I decided I would try to do a long haul flight overnight like what most people do. I was actually surprised how simple it all turned out to be…

Aircraft: 777-300ER
Server: Expert
Airline: American Airlines
Duration: 9:20

AA1099 getting ready for pushback

Rotating out of JFK’s 31L

Sunrise over the Atlantic

Approaching the European continent

Entering Greek Airspace

On final to Athens

Not really a smooth landing but one of my better ones…

Unloading after searching for a gate for 5 minutes-

Im actually really proud since this is my first long haul flight. The longest flight I’d ever done was 1:49 😭


Great pictures!

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Thanks yuh


hey! great pics :)
Proud of you, surley you got another long haul for us 🔥🔥🔥


uhh perhaps I do? Definitely will be to Asia this time tho ;)

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It’s pretty simple tbh. You set the flight and fly untill you reach cruise. Go to sleep when you know evrything is good. Wake up before descent and finish the Flight. Nice Photos!

Great pictures.

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Yup lol! Surprised by the simplicity of it all

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If its under 10:00h its medium haul to me 😂

💀💀💀 ok well I did a 12 hour flight this morning so I feel accomplished

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