Long Haul Flights (9+ hours) while sleeping

I was thinking about trying a long haul flight from JFK to HECA 9+ hours while I sleep getting myself to cruising altitude and letting autopilot fly me while I sleep I’m a little nervous my phone will overheat has anyone done this before? Will I be okay?


I do this all the time! As long as you turn your brightness down and lower your settings while you are sleeping it should be fine.


This usually won’t be a problem. I strongly recommend turning your brightness down, turning your volume off, and enabling the low power mode button in the settings on the app.

This will ensure your device stays cool.


Also try to put your device in a cold surface like the floor or a bowl, that helps a lot.

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I actually primarily do long haul flights. 9 hours is pretty normal for me. The low power mode in the IF settings as previouly mentioned has made a big difference on my device. Along with stuff mentioned already of lowering brightness and volume I also set time to night to avoid burn in on my screen which also helps.


Thanks everyone for the advice everything went smooth!

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Yes you will be ok. I have done like 16 + hours flights and I have had no issues. Just make sure that your FPL is good, with no like sharp turns, if you get what I mean, bc your aircraft can over shot it. Also, I keep my device plugged in. And make sure DND is on, and the the power saver mode on IF, as well, like others gave said, turn your brightness down.


I use an iPhone 6s which is overheats all the time ,but when I do a night flight I turn down everything to the lowest setting and plug it in and when I wake up its normal.

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i tried doing a flight from jfk to hnd and i woke up and had crashed with autopilot on after 1:10 hrs. Help anyone?

You either:
Flew too high when you’re too heavy
Flew too slow and stalled out
Winds made your plane stall(yes it happens)

I have done 16 hours fligth with 10 hrs sleep, My device survived, your will to and Drummer’s advice

won’t be good if you have under floor heating!

As well as lowering graphics, consider finding a cold surface for your device while you put it down. For example, I have a metal table which is naturally cold. Removing any phone cases could also help to ensure your device doesn’t overheat during flight

If I leave my phone before the climb out is finished, I set VS very low, and try to limit ALT setting to not much beyond FL300 depending on aircraft, and speed I set at 310kts. I adjust later when I can can directly oversee the final cruise conditions. With enough fuel to cover my sleep, never had any problem with wind or anything else interrupting a safe flight. This may appear a bit conservative, but it seems to give enough safety margin when no one is at the controls!

I do this all the time. Brightness down, graphics down and turn on low power mode. You won’t have any problems with heat.

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