Long haul flight

Hello everyone, I have a question about long flights, how do you do long haul flights? And how can we avoid damaging this battery ?

Thank you

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Hey mate,

Great to see that your looking to do a flight. With a quick search, I found an oldie but a goodie:

A lot of the things mentioned above should make your long haul flight go as smooth as the greasy landing at the end of it… hopefully!

I hope this helps you out. Take care mate!


Thank you very much

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Is the plugged in dangerous for the tablet and cable?

The cable will be fine. The best way to improve battery life is to keep your battery percentage between 40% and 80%. But fully charging it for the entirety of a long haul flight shouldn’t damage it too much. Though, try to avoid doing it every day, doing it a couple times a week should be fine.

Ok Thank you

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