Long haul flight

Me and a friend of mine are doing a long haul to RJTT tonight. I’m currently in a 41% fuel max passengers and 5,000lbs cargo A350. I was wondering if Mach 0.75 would make me stall going at FL380. I had to slow down to match the time I’ll be waking up. Just don’t want to do a 9 hour long haul and see that i crashed in the middle of the ocean from stall.


Mach 0.75 in a A350 at 38,000 should be fine as long as there is enough fuel, just be sure to check everything is nominal before going off to sleep. Have a good flight!


Wish I could like your post but I ran out of likes. Anyways appreciate the response says I have 9 hours total fuel and it’s not yellow or red so I should be fine.

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Mach 0.75…is…very, very slow. No reason why you should be that slow at FL380.

Yea but the flight was 7 and a half hours and I know I won’t wake up then so I needed to extend it to 9 hours at least.

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I guess it’s okay, but if something happens, it happens.

Yup. I wanted to do a 360 but I’m afraid that might be cutting it close with fuel.

Hmm… going .75 won’t make a huge difference in the flight time (keep in mind the fuel consumption is based on weather data relative to the aircraft’s position, so you may actually have more then enough) and if you have low fuel, that is cutting it close. I doubt you’ll wake up and still have enough fuel.

Says I got 7:25 left on flight time and 8:45 left on fuel time. Too late now just left Hawaii airspace so I guess we’ll see in the morning lol.

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Yeah… just try to wake up sooner. If you wake up after 9 hours, you’ll be in quite the conundrum.

Lol yea I set an alarm for 8:30AM so that would be cutting it close 🤷‍♂️

Good luck. We’ll see if you made it in the morning image

Lol yea, says I’ll get there 9:13 AM ish weather and other things. So I should be fine — that’s if my tablet doesn’t crash or any bad happens to it which may happen.


Made it safe and sound. Just touched down at RJTT!


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