Long haul flight

Hello. Is anyone interested in doing a long haul flight with me tonight? If so let me know!

(Also I’m not sure if there is a thread for these type of topics, so if someone could let me know also that would be fantastic)


There is a category for this so we don’t crowd the forum, its #live:groupflights. Have fun on your long haul :)

Happy Flying


Hi there! You have a couple options, namely creating a #live:groupflights or #live:events. Group fights are less organized and can’t be posted more than three hours before the flight. Events are usually planned, with gate assignments, etc.

I’d also highly suggest taking a look at @Balloonchaser’s very detailed and informative Infinite Flight Community Event Tutorial. It covers how to create group flights and events, as well as much more.


What time are you doing your long haul?

Probably in about an hour or so

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That thing was closed tho?

That topic explains the category. You’ll have to create your own topic advertising the flight. Be sure to follow the guidelines and you should be all set!

Here’s an example of a #live:groupflights topic:


@Freddie you’re best option overall in my opinion is to join a Virtual Airline if you haven’t already done so.

The information @Balloonchaser and @lucaviness provide across this forum are among the best you’ll get.

Yet, a VA would in extremely rare cases only request you to comply with specific processes to arrange a group flight (such as tutorials).

And even then. It would still feel a lot more intuitive than trying to do so via the IFC.

There are a high number of VAs our there and more are created every month!
No doubt you will find the perfect match!
You can be member of multiple VAs and - literally within minutes - putt together a group of pilots, spawn and fly off together !

I’d recommend browsing through the VA category to identify which colors you’d like to fly in the Infinite Skies for!


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