Long Haul Flight

Hi Guys!
I am planning to fly around the whole Infinite Flight world and have some questions.
My flight would begin at EDDK 32R.
Then I would fly to KPOB, landing and departing at runway 23.
I would fly to KSFO and land and takeoff at 28R.
Next I’d land at YSSY runway 16R and depart runway 34L.
Then I would fly back to EDDK 32R again.
The questions:
Is it possible to tank midflight with a refueling plane online?
Is it possible to refuel on the ground online?
Which plane should I take?
Which was the longest flight?

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In order to be able to refuel while flying, you’d have to be in a fighter jet, a C-130, a KC-10, or the 747-VC25.

In order to refuel online, you have to get off the runway, and have your parking breaks set on the taxiway.

Hope that answers some of your questions!


Yes it does. Thanks!


Good luck on your journey!

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Whatever your hear desires…


Depends on what aircraft. If it is civilian, then no.

Goodluck, and Have fun.


You should either take the 787 or the 777-200lr since they are very long range aircraft and are easy to use.

The longest flight would be the YSSY to EDDK, since it is literally around the world. For that flight I would recommend using the 787, since they will be using it for the Extra Long Haul Flight in real life!

Good luck, mate!

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Yeah thanks for your help mate! :D

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I would say look if your route exists on flightaware.com and then use that aircraft with enough fuel. Also, always pack an extra hour or two in case of winds and taking off or landing later than expected.

Hope this helps!

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I used the 777-200LR to fly from Sydney to London (YSSY-EGLL). It can do it without a problem with the maximum amount of passengers Qatar have on it (I think its 254). Just be careful with the throttle, I wasnt super carefull and I still had a good 2 hours left in the tanks when I landed in London. So either that or the 787-9. Good luck!

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Here’s the thing. If you’re flying on casual, the A330 is without a doubt the best option. I loaded one up to 100% fuel and took off to FL420. Up there cruising at M 1.2, the A330 gets about 16 hours flight time (mind you this is with full tanks-heavy load), so in total it would probably go closer to 21 hours, around 16000 nmi

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Not supposed to cruise at M 1.2, but if getting around the world is the goal, then it could work.


Highly recommend the Citation x, it can fly for like 11 or 12 hours and it can only 6 thousand pounds overweight.

However, you should plan another stop in between YSSY and EDDK if you choose any plane if you want the flight to seem realistic. (with weight eg. cargo, passengers)

Probably New Delhi (VIDP), citation can easily do this. you would then be able to easily go to EDDK.

Hope this helps and please consider this plane as it is great to fly and has a great interior.

Happy Flying!

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  • The winds are going to change. Don’t plan on using the runways you say.

  • Don’t fly west. It’ll take longer due to the headwinds you’ll encounter.

Yes. Look up a thread called “Aerial Refueling Tips, Tricks and Information.” I outline the various aircraft that are capable of such.

Yes. That’s how you would refuel an aircraft that isn’t capable of aerial refueling.

This is up to you. It’s a personal preference. Just don’t choose the Super Decathlon or the Cessna 172.

There’s a lot of long flights… Not sure which one your referring to. 👨🏼‍💻


If you have about 30-60 minutes available in the morning and 60-90 minutes available at night, try doing KLAX-OMDB


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