Long haul flight violations?

Hello IFC,

I was recently doing a long haul flight from New York to Los Angeles and woke up to find 3 speed violations attached to my account! Don’t you all love that feeling?

Turns out I overslept by a half hour and VNAV had started to descend via the STAR before I was awake. Is there a way that I could get these warnings dismissed due to the fact of them being out of my control, and if so, how would I go about it?
Now I’m a grade 3 😞.

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Hey mate,

Unfortunately violations that are issued by the app can not be appealed unless it was an issue with the app, which in this case it didn’t appear to be.

Best bet is to avoid arming VNAV until you are awake at your device in the morning and ready to commence your descent.


Alright. Thank you.



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Hi there,
Don’t be let down by this you’ll get back to grade 4 in a few days :)
Just remember what you need to do to prevent this in the future

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Take this as a learning opportunity. You shouldn’t get too comfortable with arming VNAV and calling it a day; this very incident has happened to me, and for the most part, everyone I know too. Nonetheless, head up, three grade one violations aren’t the end of the world.


Well, in the first place, you should never turn on VNAV when away from your device because if you do, it could cause the plane to descend on its own, without you monitoring your speed and then result in over speed violations below 10,000 FT. You must activate VNAV once you’re at your device that way you are able to monitor your speed. Like what others said, grade three isn’t the end of the world, you’re still on expert server. So learn from that mistake and never ever turn on VNAV and sleep through it ever again

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Yeah. I learnt that the hard way.

I learnt it the hard way too and it happened more than 3 times for me so you aren’t alone

NEVER EVER TURN VNAV ON IF YOU ARE NOT THERE TO MONITOR IT. Make sure you turn VNAV on only when you are ready

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What helps me get back to the grade you were on is go in to casual server and get landings! That’s a good tip!

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At least I got like 6 hours of flight time.

thank god i wasnt on your flight lol. it happens, try setting an alarm when sleeping so you can prepare for descent.

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