Long Haul flight tonight

Looking for only one or two people so I don’t really want to go through all the time of writing all the information out. Anyone up for a long-haul flight starting in about 30 minutes (0100 zulu now), please send me a private message

And I’m sorry if this annoys anyone for not following the guidelines down to a t but you have to understand it’s annoying to work for 10 minutes on a post and not even have one person join. Thank you

I do, but please know that maximum 3 hours is pretty short notice for flights

The easiest way to fly with people is to join va and vo

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Adding on to @Drummer’s point, there are several groups of people here on the forum that do group flights and chatting via PM. Meet new people, get in touch, and have fun!

In fact, I’m flying with four others from Vancouver to Auckland as I type this message.


Most Va and Vo will have a group flight category in their slack