Long Haul Flight Problem

I am facing 2 issues with Infinit Flight since the past 2 days.

  1. (a) I was operating a group flight from KEWR-VABB which has a flight time of around 14 hours. Around 9 hours into the flight I notice that I am disconnected from the live server, my flight time is 3.5 hours and I still have not reached Europe while my friends are already in Asia.
    (b) Last night I took off from VIDP headed to YMML. I reach cruinig altitude and make sure my phone is charging and I fell off to sleep. 9 hours later I wake up and find that my phone has been discharged. I open the replay file whihc shows that my fligh time was around 2.5 hours. I open screen time on my device which shows that infinite flight was open for 6 hours.

When going through the replay file I noticed that I had recieved multiple messages- 'application deactivated and application activated’

Why is this happening?
I have flown 15-17 hour flights and this has not happened ever.

  1. For 1 (a) I woke up to find my phone on 1%
    For 1 (b) I woke up to find my phone discahrged.
    While I was operating short haul flights during the day I noticed that my phone is not charging when I am playing IF. It takes arround a minute to press the charger in tightly for it to start chrging. A few moments later the phone is not charging anyomore.

I just got my subscription 5 days ago and I dont want it to get wasted.

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Hi there! It may be possible that your internet connection is cutting in and out and can’t load the entire replay, especially being a larger replay. Or something is pausing your live flight. Can you try restarting your device again?

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A few reasons why

question 1. your speed can make a big differnce, that is why you friends were in asia
you can get disconected from a live server if you get 5 or more level 1 violations

question 2. this can happen if you do not have a good phone charger, you need to make make make sure that your phone is charging

the application deactivated thing just means that the wifi could not handle IF for that one moment, then the warning pops up (it does nothing to the game performence)

and also make sure that you are doing all these things before a long haul flight

  1. clear RAM
  2. soft restart
  3. clear senery catch
  4. when away from phone, point you camera to the sky to help performence

hope this helps!

I use mobile data for IF and it is working properly

and i know for a fact tahat something was wrong becasue my FT was only 3.5 hours whereas it should have been 9+

We were all crusing at the same speed and i did not recieve any violation.
i have been using the same charger for the past 6 months and it has workied properly. when i am not playing if my phone is charging without a problem. it is only when i am playing if it has difficulty in charging

Which device are you playing on and what charger? Is it the official charger from the box/company of the phone, or separate one?

Iphone 6s and it is not the official charger

To me, it sounds like the device is using more power than the charger is able to provide. This is causing your flights to be paused due to low battery notifications + the obvious one with the phone being dead and without power…

Ideally, do you have any sort of iPad and/or the official charger

But i have been operating laung haul flights for so long and my device remained on 100% once it reached 100%.
I dont think this is the reason as the messages are coming in a span of a few hours. Ideally the phone whould get discharged in 15 minutes or less once the message appears

what is the sollution then if this is the case?

i do but due to excessive use of IF my phone does not charge with the official charger.
Before I was playing IF on my 6s it used to charge with any charger

The facts are are pointing towards it though.
Devices are using different amounts of power depending on what task they are performing, and your device seems to be using more than the charger can provide when you’re using Infinite Flight.

This is not strange or uncommon actually. This is why my extremely powerful laptop has a 240W charger and my “not so powerful” one has a 90W.

As a battery becomes older, it becomes harder for it to retain the charge.
If you go to Settings -> Battery -> Battery health on your iPhone, what percentage is showing?

82%. It was at 84/85% a month ago

then how was i able to operate a short haul flight?

Because longer flights requires more battery? Or am i missing something here?

Based on what I’m seeing here, it’s a charger/cable issue.

ok, i will change my charger.

what about the lag problem/getting stuck in the air

Probably related.
If you get a popup indicating low battery charge, it will pause the flight and disconnect after a while.

yes but if you know that IF drains the battery. if i recieve the message 1 hour into the flight but my phone does not discharge for the next couple of hours is something i do not understand

Could you elaborate a bit there? Not quite sure i understand.

Infinite Flight usaually drains the battery of any device. If I recieve the low battery message 2 hours into the flight. For IOS that is 20% battery left. The phone should switch off in the next 15 minutes.

My point is that if I recieve the message 2 hours into the flights then how does my phone get discharged 4 hours after recieving the message