Long haul flight overnight

Hey. Due to my shift pattern and long hours, I have started flying over night to build up my hours and experience. My current route has me taking off from Heathrow around 10:15pm (normally 27L) and head off towards Tokyo. Which, once I overfly I am on route to wellington before a sharp right and into Hobart. This flight takes about 22 hours for the outward leg and about 24 for the return. This is just at the maximum I can squeeze out of the 777-200LR (Although I have once run out of fuel about 20 miles outside of Hobart and somehow still managed to glide it to the airport with a 90* turn to base. Possibly my proudest infinite flight moment)

Do people consider this cheating to gain experience or am I not alone in doing this. I still make many short haul during my off shift, so not all bad.

I wouldn’t call overflying your destination as “cheating” - we’ve all done it before - its pretty easy to do if you misjudge winds, etc…

I’m not overflying my destination, it’s just a waypoint


Still wouldn’t consider it cheating - there are a number of us who do ultra-long-haul flights because that’s all that we can fit into our schedules.

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Not at all, most of my long haul flights are overnight. What else would you do, stare at your phone for 10 hours while the autopilot flies the plane lol

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I would say when it came to building XP, I tended to think “pirate” as much as “pilot.”

I was out for treasure.

So, I think you have good company:)

Also, your

after gliding it in after a super long haul. I can relate to that.

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There is no cheating to gain experience on here. I know of a few people that have done over 70 hours in a single flight

You called?


And to answer your question, no that is absolutely not cheating. IF even allows you to take 3 devices, put them on separate servers, and gain flight hours for the same account across 3 servers. They don’t even consider that to be cheating.

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I do long haul flights during school or overnight

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Wha on Earth stays up that long

Check this out 91 Hours 28 Minutes Nonstop - An Infinite Flight Record


Holy mother of…………

lol more of a testing ground to push the limits of what’s possible than gather any practical info, I did that flight right before I traded that device in

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I am 100% in awe

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