Long haul flight crash on Ipad air 3


Application crashed after a 7 hours flight 20 minutes before my landing… Very frustrating.
Ipad Air 3 IOS 13.5

I don’t really know about technology, but have you done the following?
-restart you device
-All graphics on low
-Anti Aliasing off

Hey there! I have the iPad Air 2 myself, and with it being one of the older devices, it can crash and overheat quite a bit!

Steps I take to ensure a smooth flight:

  • Once at cruise, graphics set to lowest!
  • Turn brightness down (especially in newer aircraft like the 772 and A350) to avoid the battery being drained
  • Try avoid having any apps running in the background! Especially for long haul flights.

Hope that helps!

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Well this I Pad is brand new and one the most powerfull tablet on the market if I am not wrong…I have no other application in the backgroud.
I am using graphic to max level, but honestly I do not see the relation. It could lag yes, but crashing is something else… If the system is over used then the application could simply let you know…I have made hours of flight and this never happened. The tablet is not overheating, it’s quite cool indeed… I would guess this is not related to the tablet usage but to something else.

That’s why I make this report.

What I do is not look at the scenery.

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the iPad Air 2 is an old device though, yours could be refurbished, however it is from 2012 (I believe)

I would still recommend following these steps as they have worked for me to avoid crashing, and the topic is about crashing… otherwise, there is no real way around this!

it’s a 2019 version with A12 chip…

Ah, so you have the iPad air 3, not the 2…


oops, corrected txs

In that case, I’m not too sure, as I have the air 2, however I’d still recommend following those basic steps.

Surprising that such new devices are experiencing crashing problems really!

Indeed and especially because I bought this new device to be able to play with IF with max settings which was the case until this crash.

I am blaming non one, just want to report the incident and see if one dev want more details to investigate…

I bought the same device in January - I’m using it right now. I’ve been able to do daily overnighters on high settings, but I’ve always made sure to get rid of any apps in the background. The device is quite powerful from my experience, and it works like a charm! That may just be from the fact that it only has a couple of apps, but if you need any help, feel free to ask.

i can bet you have the plane count on highest at the busy airport so it crashed right?

Hi all,

Had the same concern a couple days ago.

On last hour after a 9 hour flight I’ve done a review of my flight plan and insert new altitude for my descent, then app crash.

It’s not the first time though, with the same interaction… when changing something.

Is it the same scenario for you?


I was opening the map view and suddenly the app crashed with the screen “flashing”
The replay is available and working fine until the crash time.

But for sure I do not have the benefit of the 7hours flight in my grade table ;-)

Nope I was on training server on a remote loction with no plane in the neighborhood

Once again I did not think that this is an overflow.

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