Long haul expert server

Hello. So when i’m doing long haul and are not looking at the device am i safe going for example fl350 over an active airport when im sleeping? I do remember seing at the loading screen that you can type «gone» to let atc you are not with the device, how do i do that?

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Yea it will show you as “away” so if you were passing through and active center they wouldn’t contact you

You can’t type “gone”. After 2 mins of inactivity it will show you as “away XX mins/hrs”

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Hey there! So if you ever do a long haul, even a 3 hour flight and you step away from your device the icon on the ATC tab will show that you are “away”. The controllers will not interfere with your flying and all conflicts are assumed unintentional.
I hope this helps! Don’t worry about getting any violations!


How does it work?

Well when we click on your tab, it’ll either show active for how many mins or away for how many mins.

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Oh, ok, thank you for the information. Sometimes when I do a long hall during school, the London center is usually active, so I would have to adjust my flight plan, which would add another 1 hour to the flight

if this is on the expert server, don’t arm VNAV until your actually at your device. You may miss TOD if you’re not careful but you won’t be reported. But on training server it’s different.


I am on a training server. I recently got a violation for six more months, but the training server is not that bad is better than casual

yes but you don’t get to experience actual controlling and pilots that listen to IFATC. What was the violation for if you don’t mind me asking?

that only bans you for a week though? unless you have multiple level 3 violations

Let me go look

Nope I only got two

just try and be more respectful of the rules next time! I understand if rendering issues happen and cause you to land on a taxiway (happened to me before) or just not paying attention. I hate handing out violations as most controllers do, especially level 3s. Just try and be more respective of the rules next time!

Yeah, it was a heavy crosswind, and as I was slowing down, it was too late, so when I tried to do my go around, and I accidentally landed on the taxiway after saying I was sorry to ATC, he gave me the level three violation

did you appeal??

What do you mean?

anyway, his violation are too old and can’t be appealed anymore, there is actually no reason too, what he said isn’t enough, landing on taxiway snd saying that your going around seems really not possible (or he was at 100kts on an airline plane)


Wait, so i dont actually have to type anything anywhere?

No, it comes on automatically after 2 minutes of inactivity.

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