Long haul expert server

Hey:) so just for the sake of fun, how long could you actually fly if you had no passengers and no cargo loaded?

Depends on the plane - you could last a few hours in the Cessna, or over 24 hours in the A350…


With the A350 you can fly around 70 hours nonstop, which I have done.

However, with the DC10 you can fly over 90 hours nonstop according to @AndrewWu.


Now a 90hour flight, thats what you call a long haul


Yeah, that was a time. Trying to break 100 but it doesn’t seem possible on one tank. I figured IF counted flight time as long as your wheels aren’t on the ground but I found out that your GS also needs to be greater than 0 so you can’t just no gear it and sit there.


Im actually gonna try that with the dc10, you’ll hear from me in 100hours;)


Md-11 actually better range
the game says it can fly for 12hours, THIS IS NOT TRUE!

I fly the MD11 alot, and regularly do 16hour longhauls with load 88% load at takeoff.
You can go here for my guide:

DC-10 can do 91hrs and 28 minutes 😜


Ik I have seen that

Also, the range you have listed there is incredibly understated. It should be able to do like 14-15k NM (32 hours maximum flight time).

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Good luck, I don’t have the mental capacity to keep looking for ways to do it. All my documentation is in that topic if you wanna check it out.

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Yea ik but thats understand normal operations.

Yeah valid, if you load passengers and cargo that number goes down significantly (17 hours at full pax + cargo and 22 hours at 270 pax and half cargo)


Not gonna do it, to lazy haha. But i repsect that you have done it tbh, 90 hours in one flight isnt exactly rookie numbers.

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Wait, so you did almosg 90h in one flight? I had about 7 passengers and 70kilo load total, and with my fuel flow i was no where near 90h

Yes, 91.5 hours. You need to fly at 20-30 feet MSL over an ocean with only your tail engine running. I don’t remember speed but I think it was around 315-335


Noted, will try that

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