Long Haul crashes

Good day everyone,

So yesterday I tried to fly from YSSY and the app crashed 3 times on me whenever I start to taxi.

I changed the departure airport and thankfully I took off, 12 hrs after taking off the games CRASHES again!!! To keep on mind (all quality in the setting I made it at the lowest, airplanes count at low, anti-Aliasing is off, and shortly after take off I switched the camera at airport location and I pointed at the sky for the whole flight) and YET STILL CRASHED. I’m using iPad with a lot of free space and no application running in the backround

The funny thing is I used to do this procedure before the update and it worked well. I’m confused why now I’m facing bigger problem than before!

Thank you I wish this to be solved this ASAP.

This is mainly due to high server load at the moment - once it calms down you should be good. Also, what device do you use?

hi there I also have a crash but it happen before I did a flight I was about to do just now i really wanna play multiplayer but i think the best thing to do is flying solo i haven’t got crashes on solo mode until no more crashes

@Infinite_flight_play and @Ali_Alawami asking you both what devices you are on.

they did say the servers were stabilised now though… Could just be the device?

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That’s why I’m asking. :)

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im in Samsung a10 with 2gb of ram

Ok well then its possible your device can’t handle that large amount of 777s around (with all the live cockpits, and animations needing to be animated.

What are your graphics settings?

it only crashes with the 777 update it didn’t crash on the a350 update

i think Exynos 7884B

oh it actually have 3gb of ram not 2

The devs are still working on a fix for the crashes occuring on the Samsung A10/S10 with the Xynos chip.

@Infinite_flight_play - @Ali_Alawami this may apply to you as well.

oh my graphic is low and medium for both texture and the other thing and u turn on limit frame rate

Hm…those should be low enough to prevent graphics-related crashes…

Likely this reason.

There are currently over 1700 777s on the live servers right now.

dangg that’s a lot maybe bc of that

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Hi Benny, I’m using iPad 6

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Graphics settings?

All at lowest, anti aliasing is off, airplane counts was at low. With no running app in backround.

Also, as I mentioned I switched the camera to the airport location and I point the camera at the sky 98% of the flight

Hmmm…I suspect then this is the reason behind your crashes.

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