Long haul crashes is back in infinite flight

Hello IF, I’ll just report to you that the long haul crashes in ios is back. So I was doing a long haul from toronto to manila, then I was already in japan airspace and suddenly, the screen froze.

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Please try to clean your scenery cache and reduce background load on your device. It really helped me.
Hope this helped you :)

I did all of those and nothing worked. I cleaned mg scenery cache before the flight


As i learned before. Try restarting the device before the long haul. Try clearing scenery cache and pleasssssse clear some RAM if you haven’t

I also did that

Did the screen freeze while you were active at your device or while you were away?

What device are you using? Maybe turn down the graphic settings and airplane count to a low

My screen froze while I was monitoring the flight

I’m using an ipad air 3 and after take off, I turned the graphics all to low

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Oh ok, try not to play around with the screen while it’s in cruise
May be a tip but it works out for me

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Make sure that all of your background apps are closed. Once you begin a live session in Infinite Flight, do not exit the app. If nothing else works, try backing up your device, then delete the app and reinstall it.


Just because you had 1 crash, doesn’t mean they’re back :)

Could have been a number if things causing this. Based in your description, I’d lean to connectivity related.


but it happened to me like already 3 times. I just reported today

3 times since when? :)

Since last week

Make sure your sittings is low
And if you get to the final height change the camera to ATC view
and do clearcache before each trip and restart the device

Clearing Cache is not the answer to everything. It is meant to address a specific issue and doing it repeatedly causes more work than not so it is counter productive.

Hmm… have you tried reinstalling the app? 3 times seems to be a lot.

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The previous long haul crashes came from the update clashing with the newest iOS updates which came out some time after that. Did you have any iOS updates within the last week?

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