Long Haul Crashed

Hey everyone!

I was flying from EGKK to MROC and my game crashed! This rarely happens to me! I have the IPad 7th Gen! Can anyone help me?


What are your graphics settings?

There all on high

What setting is your Airplane Count on?

It’s on Very High

Turn your airplane count down to Medium or High and see if that helps.

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I know, it just… I don’t want to run into any planes when the airplane count is at High or medium

You won’t - aircraft will still show up that are right next to you. The Airplane Count setting affects on the ground the range at which you can see planes.

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Having airplane count on high for hours will work your IPad to its extreme during cruise you can even go to low…


Even though I own an iPad Pro (2020) for IF - I still put my airplane count to Low during cruise.

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Ok got it! Thanks!

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