Long Haul Crash

So I was on a long haul from Londo(LHR) to Dubai and I was 10 minutes from landing and my sim just exited and closed itself


What device were you using?

an iPhone 7

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Maybe a Mod can help you as regarding to what your device has with compability

Alright Thanks!

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Yup hope it gets resolved for you soon :)

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This has been a know issue and the best thing to do on a long flight is too switch to atc view look up towards the sky set your screen brightness all the way down and put battery saver on

@FloAviation It should have been fixed with 20.1.

The IPhone 7 is an old device so you will still have to have it on low settings/brightness to avoid crashes.


It was fixed with 20.1

yh i did that, but i was basically about to go on final and then it closed

It happened to me after I did all the stuff. This might be because the servers are still crowded

@FloAviation what were your graphics settings

maybe it did say 900+ were on the server earlier


ive had my grhic settings all on high for a good couple years and all the long hauls ive managed to do have ben successful with no crashes, not sure why this is a first

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Yeah I mean my flight also crashed with my I pad air 2.

The IPhone 7 is an old device so I would put your settings on Low/Medium and see if that helps.


The Ipad Air 2 is also on that borderline list

Yup but i manage to not get it to crash


Sometimes it will crash sometimes it won’t. But the likelihood a crash increases with the devices age.

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