Long haul CH350 Routes

Hey guys, Anyone got any good long haul CH350 routes? Anything around the 7-8h mark works. I left IF a while back but now im back so i need to try out the challenger as well as get to Expert as quickly as possible so thats why Im Asking.

The CL35 (to use its proper abbreviation) only has a max range of around 7 hours.

Given it’s a private jet with the capability to land at some pretty small airfields - the route possibilities with the Challenger are infinite.

I’ve linked a useful guide on the Challenger below:

I understand flying it, my request here is only for good long haul routes. Since you said its range is around 7h ill extend my flight time to 6-8h. Any 6-8h good routes are appreciated

Larnaca - Male

6 hours and 40 minutes flight

Thanks, Ill make sure to check that out.

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