Long haul at its Best! @VIDP - 071630ZFEB19

Event Details

  • Aircraft and Livery: B787-8 (Air India)

  • Route: VIDP-ESSA

  • TimeDeparture: 1630 Zulu

  • Server: Expert Server

  • Additional Information: Additional information about the flight will be released soon , Pilots from Air India VA also be attending this flash Flight.
    Make sure to join us and experience our Indian Hospitality.

Flight plan and additional information Will be released soon
Flight Briefings for AIVA|On a long haul

Flight Briefings

Aircraft on the left end will have right of way and can start pushback, followed by aircraft next to him.

Cruise Details

Cruise Altitude- FL380
Cruise Speed- 0.85

Climb 250@2000FPM below FL100,310@1800 till FL280,0.85@1500 until FL380(NO stepclimbs required)

Departure procedures

Departing runway- 28

Departing SID- BUTOP
SID Routing- D284G DP402 BUTOP

SID Procedure- Depart straight to D284G,turn left 262° intercept DP402,turn right 303° intercept BUTOP,cross BUTOP at or above FL150 and continue with FPL.

Speed profile- Maintain 250 or lower until FL100, increase to 310 after FL100 to FL280,then 0.85 all the way to TOD

Further Instructions
●Expect low visibility at VIDP

●Spacing of 1000ft or 3nm should ne maintained throughout

VIDP charts

Arrival Procedures

Landing runway - 19R

Arrival STAR- XILA2N

Please follow AIVA regulations for Descend reference.

Speed restrictions at ESSA- Don’t exceed 250 knots IAS below 10000’ until advised by ATC.

STAR Routing - XILAN SA482 SA481 SA480 SA477 SA476 SA473 D185B ESSA(Includes IAP)

IAP routing- DI185B ESSA

Star Procedure- Enter XILAN at or below FL100 ,Max 250kts. Cross SA481 at or above FL80,don’t exceed 250 knots. Track to SA480 max 4000 ft 230 knots.Track to SA477 below 4000ft.Turn left 215 intercept SA473 at or below 25000 feet. Prepare for final approach at SA473.

ESSA Charts
Refer to Chart 10-2H

Flight Plan



Gate Assignment:
Ramp 83:
Ramp 82:
Ramp 81:
Ramp 80:

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